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Are you already based in Barcelona or planning to move here and need help identifying schools that would be a good fit for your child?

Is your child already at a school in Barcelona but you are looking for a better fit?

Has your child got specific learning needs and you're looking the school best suited to him / her?

Have you recently arrived in Barcelona and don't know whether a public or private school would be the best option?


If you are not sure if you want to pursue private or public education, the following packages are for you.

The All Schools - Fully Comprehensive Package

This package allows families to explore both public and private schooling options available to them in Barcelona. The package includes:

  • An initial meeting to learn more about the you and your family's needs and priorities. The information collected during this meeting will help build a picture of your family to best identify potential schools.

  • The opportunity to ask questions about Barcelona and the Barcelona educational landscape.

  • A follow-up meeting where you will be presented with a list of schools selected specifically in consideration of your circumstances, providing information such as tuition costs, language breakdown and other details specific to your needs, where available.

  • Contacting schools to arrange visits (or online calls) with the admissions team, where possible up to a maximum of 6 visits.

  • Providing you with tips on what to look out for and questions to ask during school visits.

  • Dealing with any communications with the Education Department (in the case of public schools or concertadas) which includes booking a meeting at the Consorci to make the school application and accompanying the you to this meeting, providing translation services, if needed. 

  • Supporting you through the school selection process providing further information, if needed, to make an informed decision.

  • Contacting schools to ask about the availability of places and keeping you abreast of any developments related to this.

  • Supporting you through the application process by providing information about the specific documents needed, liaising with the school(s) and providing any additional information that could support a successful outcome.

  • Supporting you through the enrolment process once a place has been offered.

The price for providing the above services is €850 (excluding VAT)

An additional cost of €100 per child is added for siblings.

The All Schools Fully Comprehensive Package - plus accompanied visits

In addition to the services indicated in the All Schools Fully Comprehensive Package, I am also able to accompany you on up to 2 visits* to schools, where I will be on-hand to ask questions and focus in on your priorities.

The price for providing the above services is €1050 (excluding VAT)

An additional cost of €100 per child is added for siblings.

*Additional accompanied visits available on request.

Want to know the difference between a public school and a concertada?

Read my blogpost.

Do you need something a little different?

Are you someone who already has a shortlist of potential schools, but you’re not sure which one is the best fit for your child? I can help you with this. Please contact me to discuss your needs and arrange a custom quote.

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