Nurseries & Early Childhood


If you are looking for childcare for your 0-3-year-old, there are many different options available to you in the city of Barcelona.

These range from the public, Escoles Bressol to a wide variety of private alternatives.

There is a vast variety of nurseries and kindergartens, which often cater for people interested in specific methodologies or languages.

Depending on what you are looking for, I offer two different packages for preschool options.


As part of my Public Nurseries Package, I help you by:


  • Identifying public nurseries in your catchment area.

  • Arranging visits / open days.

  • Providing a checklist of what to look for at Open Days.

  • Assistance during the application process, including paperwork requirements.

  • Support with enrolment.

  • Any additional requirements related to the application process.

  • Any emails / calls related to the services above.

Price: €240

Please note that there are a limited number of spaces in the public nurseries and applying does not guarantee you a spot. If you apply and do not get a place, I will help you find a private alternative, for an extra charge.


Private nurseries and Early Childhood options








With my General Preschool Package, I help you by:


  • An initial meeting where we discuss your needs and priorities.

  • Identifying nurseries and childcare providers based on your specific requirements.

  • Contacting nurseries to see if there are places available.

  • Arranging visits to nurseries, and accompanying you on these visits, if desired.

  • Helping you with any administration relating to enrolment.

  • Any emails / calls related to the services above.

Price: €280

To arrange a free introductory call, please email me and I will be in touch.