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Parental Burnout during Covid-19

I just read an interesting article in The New York Times talking about how parents in America are suffering from parental burnout, and the thought of more months without regular schooling will put a strain on the energy and sanity levels of a large proportion of parents.

Something that many people who move to Spain do not realise is that the school summer break is actually 3 MONTHS LONG! It was certainly a shock to me when when my son started going to school.

Usually families fill the childcare gap with summer camps, often run by the schools themselves, sport centres, artist studios etc, but this year is different. Some of the summer camps (called Casals d'Estiu in Catalan) are not running, often due to lack of participants or simply the protocols not being practicable in the circumstances. Annette at Barcelona Family Life talks about Casals here.

3 months is a long time to have the kids off school each year but 6 months is quite something different 😅. What are you doing to stop the parental burnout?

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