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Public nurseries alert!

If you have a child aged between 4 months and 3 years old as of this September, you have the right to apply for a place at one of the many public nurseries across Barcelona. These centers are generally very well thought of and are considered a good option for your child if you wish to incorporate them into the local system.

The application process for public nurseries works in a similar way to that of the schools’ application process in that priority criteria are assigned to applicants and a strict timeframe is followed. Below I outline the important dates for the 2021 -2022 application period:

5-7 May 2021: the number of places available in the respective centers are made public.

Here you will find the list of the Llars de Infants Públiques that have spaces free:,

Here you will find the list of Escoles Bressol Municipals that have spaces free:

10-21 May 2021: applications need to be handed in.

1 June 2021: the list of applications for each center is published with each applicant’s priority points score.

2-8 June 2021: objections. If applicants notice an error in the priority points they a have been assigned, this is the period to make a complaint.

9-11 June 2021: the lottery.

If there are more applicants to the places available in the respective centers, the priority criteria are taken into account. If there are applicants with the same priority point scores, their randomly assigned lottery number will determine which of the applicants will get the remaining available spots.

15 June 2021: the ‘sorted’ list. This final list announcing who has gained a place at the respective centers after the lottery result has been taken into account.

16-22 June 2021: enrolment. This is the period in which those students accept the nursery place they have been assigned. If families do not enrol during this period, they forfeit their place.

Important to note:

Whilst all children are guaranteed a place at a public school from aged 3 there are, however, a limited number of places available in the public nurseries. So, if you do intend to apply to a public nursery, it is important to have a backup of private nursery options in case you are not successful.

If you would like to apply for a public nursery place or are unsure of what is the best option for your family, get in touch! I offer different packages, depending on the type of help you need.

You can find out more here.

Alternatively, if you would like free intro chat to talk about your needs, without obligation, you can sign up for one here. I look forward to helping you!


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