Public Schools & Concertadas



Are you looking for a public school or concertada for the upcoming academic year but don't know where to start?


Do you need help identifying the school(s) that best fit your needs?

Have you recently arrived in Barcelona and are looking for a public-school place mid-year?

I offer a variety of packages for different needs.


The Public Schools Package includes:

  • An initial meeting to discuss your requirements with the opportunity to learn more about the public schooling system in Catalonia.

  • Identifying public schools and concertadas in your catchment area and other schools of interest.

  • Organising visits to schools and other ways to help you get to know them. This may be through official open days or, in the case of concertadas, individualised tours. 

  • Supporting you through the decision-making process.

  • Completing the application on your behalf and dealing with communications relating to the application.

  • Helping you with enrolment once a school place has been offered.

  • Any calls / emails relating to the above. Price: €480

I am also available to accompany you on visits to schools or open days (up to a maximum of 6 visits). The is the Complete Public Schools Package, and includes all of the above services in addition to the visits. Price: €650.

I also offer an Application Package, which includes:


  • Explaining how the application process works and advising on strategy, where needed.

  • Ensuring you have all the correct documentation needed to make an application. 

  • Completing the application on your behalf.

        Price: € 140


The New Arrivals Package, for families arriving mid-year or outside of the usual application period. 

The package includes:

  • An initial meeting to discuss your needs and circumstances.

  • Identifying specific public schools or concertadas, which fulfil your requirements and which have spaces available. This process might involve arranging a meeting with the Education Department or through calling schools, depending on the specific circumstances.

  • Arranging meetings with suitable schools on your behalf.

  • Accompanying you on school visits, where needed (up to a maximum for 4 visits).

  • Supporting you through the decision-making process.

  • Helping with the application process and dealing with any administrative procedures related to this.

  • Helping you with enrolment once a place has been found.

  • Any calls / emails relating to the above.

Price: €580

These packages are primarily for families looking to enter into the public schooling system. If you would like support in looking for a private or international school, the Basic International School Package or Complete International Schools Package are more suitable options.

Not sure yet whether a public school, concertada or private school is most suitable and would like to research different options? I offer a Basic General Schools Search Package that will help you determine the best fit for your needs.


Want to know the difference between a public school and a concertada?

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