Hello, I´m Anya

I moved to Barcelona in 2011, and, like many people who move to a new place, was thrilled with the idea of the new adventure I was embarking on, but not fully prepared for what lay ahead. 

In the UK, where I am from, I had been working for some years as a primary school teacher and moving to Barcelona meant uprooting the life I had made there and an innate understanding of how things work. There had been stints of living and working in Germany and the Netherlands in my 20s, but this time the move was with a husband and child, which added a whole new dimension to things.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was finding childcare and eventually a school for my (now 2) children. I'm pretty sure you can relate to this - it's probably the main reason you find yourself looking at my website...it can be an overwhelming experience!

In hindsight I now recognise how fundamental this process of research and decision-making was for my family and the lives we have made for ourselves in Barcelona. This experience is what led me to begin My Barcelona School - to help people like you make the best decisions for you and your family.

You can read all about my personal journey here.

When I'm not talking about schools, visiting schools or helping families find the perfect school, you can find me at home tinkering in my garden or exploring the natural wonders of Catalonia.

I'm sure you've already noticed what a great place this is to live?

If you need help on your own journey, do have a look at the services I offer.

What clients say...

We could not believe how informative and helpful our meeting with Anya was.

She is so detail oriented and organized.

She took all of our wants and desires and came back a week later with all the best options for us. 

- Alexis and Dylan C.

Schools News 

If you have a child aged between 4 months and 3 years old this September, you could apply for a public nursery spot. Find out more in my latest post.

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