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What are you looking for help with?

I offer different packages depending on the type and level of help you need. 


Private and International Schools

The Complete Private and International Schools Package

For those needing help identifying suitable international or private schools in and around Barcelona (more...).


Public Schools and Concertades

The New Arrivals Public Schools and Concertadas Package 

For those newly arrived in Barcelona and looking for a place at public school or concertada mid-year or outside of the usual application period (more...).


The Complete Public Schools and Concertadas Package

For those wishing to find a place at a public or semi-private school in Barcelona within the usual application period (more...).


General Schools Package

All Schools  - The Fully Comprehensive Package

For those families who wish to explore all schooling options available to them in Barcelona, both public and private.  (more...).

Pre-schooling (0 - 3 year olds)

The Public Nurseries and Preschools Package

For people needing help with public nursery applications within the application period (more...).

The Private Preschool Package 

For those families looking for private childcare options for their 0-3 year olds (more...).


Please contact me to discuss your needs and arrange a custom quote.

Do you need something a little different?


Click above to find useful resources for life in Barcelona.

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