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Barcelona Expat Week

This years Barcelona Expat Week will take place between the Monday 19th - Friday 23rd October.

The event will mainly take place online this year, although there are some face-to-face events happening including visits to Palau Güell and Soho House. In the past, the event was a great way to meet and connect with other businesses that focus on the international community. Many of the international schools were there, so it was a great opportunity to get to know the admissions teams and learn more about their projects. This year's event, probably not surprisingly, has a very strong focus on the world of work and the only event focusing on schools and families is one called What Schools Do I Want for My Children? which takes place on Monday 19th between 16-17h. I do wonder what possessed them to timetable it for when most families will be picking up their children from nursery or school, but anyway...

All events are free and can be accessed by registering through the online platform here.

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