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Location, Location, Location

How’s your school commute in the morning?

When I meet with clients, we always talk about the commute to school.

How important is it to have a short commute? Would you consider a school a drive or bus-ride away? Would you be prepared to move home to be closer to the school?

How you answer these questions depends entirely on your own specific circumstances, of course.

The age of your children is often an important factor.

This photo was taken this morning on my children’s walk to school. It looks idyllic, doesn’t it?

It’s not all like this though I can promise you - we have to cross a couple of big roads to get to this green oasis. This park being close to the school was a definite plus point with the school we chose. We also moved so we could walk to school but this is not viable for everyone.

What are your thoughts - is the location of you child's school a priority you?

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