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School Catchment Areas

If you are looking for a Public School or Concertada for your child for September, you may have heard people talking about ‘catchment area’ and ‘points’ and are confused about what this means for you and your family.

The Consorci (the department responsible for educational matters in Barcelona) provides an easy way to find out which schools are in your catchment area.

For primary (P3 – 6th grade) go here.

For Secondary or ESO go here.

To have an overview of the zones, go here.

Once you have filled in your address, a list of schools will appear which, if you choose to put one of them as your first option, will give you 30 points. This does not guarantee a place in this school but it does put you in a good position if there are more applicants to places available.

If you need help navigating the process or would like me to complete the application on your behalf (including providing tips and trick to try and ensure you get a place in one of the schools you like),

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