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Barcelona Links

Barcelona is a fantastic place to bring up your children and there are so many services specifically catering for families and family life.

I have curated a list of useful links and services below based on my years living here.

Barcelona Living 

These websites will be able to help you orientate yourself in Barcelona.

EntreTramites - a consulting firm offering support with taxes, immigration and anything else relating to your accounting needs. For a free 30 minute call, sign up here.

General Support for English Speakers

Moving to Spain, offering advice about all aspects of relocating to Barcelona and Spain as a whole.

Barcelona International Welcome, the Barcelona City Council advice portal for international people. You can download their Welcome Pack.

General Barcelona info in English by the Barcelona City Council and What's On Guide.

Citizen Advice Bureau Spain

Age in Spain

Online guides for Barcelona residents and tourists:

Personal takes on life in Barcelona:

Family Life

Barcelona Family Life A website offering a wealth of information about education and family life in Barcelona.


Mumabroad An English-language website for families in Barcelona and beyond.


​Mammaproof The go-to Spanish-language website for families in Barcelona. The one-stop shop for extra curricular activities and holiday camps (casals) in Barcelona.

Health & Wellbeing

All the following specialists speak English plus other languages.

General Practitioners 

Dr Line at Barcelona Family Doctor

Dr. Ilham Abdelrahim at Healthcare Barcelona

Dra Femke at International Family Doctor (Castelldefels and surroundings)

Therapeutic Support



Children's Psychologists and Speech and Language Therapy

Chrissy Bruce - Speech and Language Pathologist


A comprehensive guide to education in Barcelona that I helped created for the Barcelona City Council. Download it here.

An overview of educational options in Barcelona for children from 0 - 18, that I wrote for Barcelona Expat Life here.

A document I created for the Barcelona City Council listing the international schools and schools offering a multilingual education in the Barcelona area. Link to it here.

The Barcelona Education Department, known as The Consorci, can be found here (Catalan only ). This is the first port of call for anything related to public school education in the Barcelona area. 

Information about studying in Barcelona offered by the Generalitat can be found here.

A directory of alternative schools and childcare options in Spain:

For all the up-to-date news about education and the city of Barcelona & beyond, follow me on social media.

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What clients say...

Anya asked us really insightful questions and invested a lot of time in understanding our family's values, needs and expectations for education. 

Cass Lord 


It's Out! 

The updated practical schools' guide for international families has been published.

You can download it here

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