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We feel so fortunate to have found Anya to help us through the incredibly complicated school system here in Barcelona, and would recommend her to anyone (especially if your Spanish / Catalan language skills are subpar like ours). From the first Zoom call we knew we needed Anya to support us in our effort to find the right school for our son, and while it proved to be even more difficult than we expected even WITH her help, we ended up so happy with our choice of school and there is no way we would have found it without her.

Benjamine Cardamone

When our family of six decided to move from Canada to Barcelona we were completely overwhelmed by the complexity of the school system. We found Anya through an informative YouTube video that she had done and we’re so impressed with her knowledge and her professionalism that we immediately knew we had to hire her to help us. We had several zoom meetings and Anya was wonderful at accommodating our 8 hour time difference. She spent time discussing the individual needs of our four daughters and the long term goals and plans of our family and was able to find a wonderful school that will support our daughters academic and emotional needs. Anya’s expertise and contacts within the school system have made a challenging process very simple. We feel so lucky to have found her!

Morgan Milia

Anya provided us with a professional and reliable service. She really listened to us and understood our needs and priorities, patiently answering all our questions. She provided additional information about the schools we were interested in Barcelona which helped us to make the best choice for our family.
Thanks Anya!

Karla Estrada

I would without a doubt, recommend My Barcelona School and Anya to support in the search for the right school for your kids in Barcelona. In any country, finding the right school for your children can be daunting and stressful, but Anya alleviated those feelings by taking the time to listen and fully consider our needs. The process was straightforward and clear with a carefully curated set of options that gave us the advantage of time to ultimately find a great fit for both of our sons.

Lindy Halstead

We are so glad we hired Anya to help us find the right school for our daughter in Barcelona. To start with, Anya asked us really insightful questions and invested a lot of time in understanding our family's values, needs and expectations for education. Then, with her impressively extensive knowledge of the schools in the area, she came up with a list of schools for us to consider -- which included ones we had (wrongly) dismissed based on our limited research. She helped us to figure out what really mattered to us, which is harder than you might think to figure out for yourself especially in a multicultural family! 

Our daughter has now gotten a place at our first choice school, and we are fully confident we made the right decision for our family, thanks to Anya's expert advice and guidance. We 100% recommend her for any family navigating the complex world of Barcelona schools!

Cass Lord (Wibben-Meyer)

Anya helped our family find the perfect school for our almost 4 year old son. She took the time to get to know our family and what we were looking for in a school. She expedited the process for us, talking with us via zoom before we even arrived and walked us through the entire process of school visits, applications and enrolment. Her insight was invaluable and her service second to none. I highly recommend her service.

Hillary Holt

The service provided by My Barcelona School was very professional and efficient when we were running out of time to choose our daughter's future school. Anya demonstrated a deep level of understanding of our needs and requirements in a short timeframe and was able to deliver all relevant information to us that allowed for an informed choice. She also liaised with the various schools which was time saving for us. Thanks!

Sandrine Gelin Lamrani

Moving from the Netherlands, we were looking for a secondary school for our daughter, who has the superpower of being dyslexic. Since not all schools recognise this as such, we thought it best to have an expert locally present to help us.

We went for the VIP package and were indeed treated as such. Anya explained the various schools, asked us for our preferences, and then came up with a list of possible schools. She also arranged visits and communicated with the schools.

Above all, she was there to advise and guide us. As a result, we have found some excellent schools and feel that our chosen one is best suited for our daughter.

Yvonne Damm

Anya is amazing!!! So proactive and attentive. The Spanish red tape can be so cumbersome and time consuming, Anya took care of everything!! Thought two steps ahead and gave wonderful advice. I cannot recommend her enough. The time and effort I saved was priceless.

Shadi Tambrchi 

Anya helped us to find a school for our 3yo daughter after we moved from Brazil to Barcelona. She was amazing, explained everything we needed to know about the school systems around, then she really heard what we were looking for (in terms of methodologies, distance from home and everything else) and presented us an amazing short list. And it did not stop here, she came with us on the visits of the top 3 we selected and made sure she was there for us every step on the way until my daughter started. I can't recommend more for families that are not familiar with the system here in Spain. 

Matheus Tait

Anya helped us to find a fantastic concertada for our daughter when we wanted to switch schools very late into the application process - she went above and beyond what we could have asked for and helped us secure 1-1 meetings with senior members of staff.

Her service is not only informed but highly personalised.
Anya understood our criteria immediately, giving us really vital input & guidance without imposing her personal opinions onto us.
Taking away all of the stress of the application process we were able to focus on making the right selection for our daughter.

Sejal Parekh

Anya helped us navigate the many schooling options for our children as we prepared to move to Barcelona.

It would have been impossible to acquire this level of information without going to Barcelona ourselves and taking a week to explore the schools, which wasn't possible during the pandemic and would have been difficult even in "normal" times. Anya helped us narrow our search and gave us peace of mind that was priceless as foreigners moving to a new country.

Audrey Sawyer

Although our move to Barcelona was motivated by work our biggest concern was the transfer for our son (2 years old) from a Dutch nursery to a Spanish one. When we discovered all the different options available for this age group we were totally overwhelmed. Not helping was the fact the we needed to start arranging a place for him when still in the Netherlands. Already after our first conversation with Anya we felt relieved, and the process from presenting us the available options to visiting the nurseries in Barcelona together with us went smoothly and resulted in what we think is the best place for our son to be at this moment. Needless to say we would recommend getting in touch with Anya when you find yourself in a similar position.

Roger van Ommeren

Anya at MyBarcelonaSchool was so great at listening to all of my concerns and gave personalised advice and insights based on our families requirements. We were looking for schools in the area of San Cugat which she is also very knowledgable about and she provided lots of information on the schools we were interested in to help us make a choice we were comfortable with.
For me it was so useful to have a knowledgeable person to discuss options with and help me decide what was really important. The school system seems very different from my home country and Anya helped me to feel much more secure in our choices and gave pointers to look out for when speaking with schools.
I highly recommend MyBarcelonaSchool for anyone who needs support making the right school choice for their child.
Thanks Anya!

Katie Ales

We turned to Anya for help with choosing a school for my daughter. Being expat and not knowing the local school situation well, we needed some advice regarding the characteristics of the schools we had identified. Anya's work was fundamental for us, because through a couple of interviews she allowed us to reflect well on our needs and focus in detail on what we were looking for. On the basis of this, she proposed a list of schools that could correspond to our needs, explaining in detail the characteristics of each, even with respect to what is not found on the internet (such as the didactic level, the environment, the approach education, pros and cons ...). In this way we were able to arrive at our final choice, in a more conscious way and by choosing one of the schools she suggested. We certainly recommend that you rely on her for small or large doubts on the school and educational topic. She is a very attentive, helpful and professional person. Our experience was very positive.

Chiara Piroddi

Anya provides a great service! She helped us with looking for both kindergarten and school for our son in Barcelona. Very reliable and easy to communicate with, could not recommend more!

Jonas Wallin

I found Anya´s knowledge of the schools and the Catalan school system amazingly competent. Her advice was customized and tailored to our needs and the service really exceeded our expectations.

Her manner, follow-up service and results were perfect, educated and customized to our needs.

Keep doing the great job you are doing Anya, and all the best for the future!

Claudio D.S.

We could not believe how informative and helpful our meeting with Anya was. She is so detail oriented and organized. She took all of our wants and desires and came back a week later with all the best options for us. Truly we feel like we have a handful of great choices, when going in we felt we had none. Can not recommend Anya’s services enough—  for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the school searching process or wanting a bit of a hand-holding experience. 

Alexis and Dylan C. 

The service that Anya offers is priceless for any expat or international family that are trying to figure out the Catalonian school system.  I had so many questions and was quite lost before I met with Anya. She calmed me down and walked me through, step by step, the system here. What I really liked is that Anya catered to me personally; asking what was importing to me and what I was looking for.  In that way we zeroed in immediately on the schools that could work for me. She asked important questions about what was important to me such as; location, language, style of teaching, and knew most of the schools personally.
I really highly recommend Anya´s services. She definitely relieved any worries and anxieties I had in the beginning. Our conversations have been candid, accommodating, thorough and pleasant!

Anna Fisher

We are relocating from the NY area with a five and one year old, but didn’t know where to start finding a school. My Barcelona School helped us make sense of the school system from an English-speaking angle, giving us an insider viewpoint that only a professional teacher can give. 

One of the benefits of Barcelona is that there is a lot of choice in the city so it’s vital to narrow down. We were focussed on giving our children a second or third language as well as maintaining spoken and written English.

We also wanted a city location so they would engage in the local culture which is so accessible to families.

Having just finished the school visits I feel confident we have found the school that works for us. I can’t recommend this process enough. Thank you Anya.

Dan M

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What clients say...

Anya asked us really insightful questions and invested a lot of time in understanding our family's values, needs and expectations for education. 

Cass Lord 


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