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Application Dates and Deadlines 2024

If you are planning on applying for a public school or concertada place for your child this year, or intend to change your child from one school to another, below you will find the various dates and deadlines for the different stages of the process.

5th March March 2024: initial offer of places.

Publication of the number of school places per centre and year. Find the searchable map here.

6th - 20th March 2024: application period for Infantil and Primària (8th to 20th March for those entering ESO)

Families can submit their application at any point during this period.

The deadline is 23:59 on the 20th of March.

22nd March 2024: deadline for supplying any documentation that is missing.

17th April 2024: list of applications with their provisional scores.

At the end of the application period, the education department studies each of the requests they have received. They analyze the data, the priority criteria that families have asked to be taken into account, and also the supporting documents. They then publish the list of applications with the provisional scores each one has received. The applications are then sorted alphabetically in this list with the score received by each student next to their name.

17th - 22nd April 2024: submission of objections.

If you detect any error in the points assigned to your application, you can make an objection during this period.

25th April 2024: List of applications with their respective (updated) scores.

Once all the objections have been resolved, each centre publishes the final list of applications with the corresponding score and tiebreak number.

30th April 2024 at 11am: the lottery.

The number of places in each school is limited. If the number of applications exceeds the number of students that the school can accommodate, it is necessary to have a lottery for applications that have the same score. To do this, a number is drawn by lot from which all requests tied in points are sorted, taking into account the tiebreaker number that has been assigned to each application. The draw will take place at the central services of the Department of Education at 11am.

2nd May 2024: ordered list.

After the draw, the list of applications for the allocation of places is drawn up. To make this list, students with specific educational needs are considered first; then the rest of the students, taking into account the scores of each application, from highest to lowest and finally the tiebreak (lottery) number that the student was assigned.

From 29th - 31st May 2024: extension of pre-registration requests for students without an assigned place.

If a student does not get any of the schools they out on their preferred list of schools they are offered the opportunity to make a new application for schools that still have places free. The final allocation of places is made taking into account these later requests.

7th June 2024: Final offer of school places where they list the number of school places per school and year.

10th June 2024: publication of the list of admitted students and the waiting list.

18th - 26th June 2024 - 'Matriculació'

For students from I3 (P3) - ESO4 this is when you go to the school you have been assigned and officially accept the place you have been offered. You will need to bring all the documentation supplied as part of the application process as well as vaccination records and a copy of your child's health card.

If you need help with any aspect of the application process, get in touch.



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