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Child entering P3? What does this mean?

If you have a child who was born between January and December 2020, they could enter what is known as P3 this September. Although sending your child to school is only compulsory from 1st grade (the year your child turns 6 years old) most families send their children to school at P3.

At P3 families can choose between public (non-fee-paying) schools, private schools that are subsidized by the Education Department (commonly known as concertades) or private fee-paying schools. The type of school you would like for your child will dictate the process of applying for the schools and the deadline for applications.

For public schools and concertades, the period to hand in your application for the 2023 / 2024 academic year is between 6th and 20th March. Both these types of schools have the same entry criteria and follow the same application process, which within Barcelona is managed by the Consorci. Private schools have their own entry criteria and application deadlines.

Something else that is important to know about the schools is the way in which families can get to know them better.

Private fee-paying schools will tend to offer private tours and on occasion, Open Days where they invite families to learn more about their projects. Most concertades will also offer private tours and will usually offer a series of Open Days (know as Portes Obertes) in the run up to the application deadline in March. Public schools will only offer Open Days at selected dates and times so it is important to find out what the dates are and sign up for them as soon as the dates are published.

If you have child entering P3 this September and would like help navigating the process, do get in touch!

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