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Barcelona Schools Open Days Calendar 2023

For the past few years I have created a Google calendar where I include the Open Days of private and international schools in the Barcelona area. I use the calendar to keep track of these events for my own clients but also offer it out to anyone who might find it useful.

You'll find this year's calendar here!

Some years back I did attempt to include many of the concertades and public schools in the calendar but it took too much of my time and quite simply the Consorci d'Educació provides a pretty good overview of public school and concertada Portes Obertes itself. You will be able to search for dates here.

If a private or international school you are interested in does not appear to have any Open Days listed, it may well be that they are offering personal individualised visits this year and are not offering an Open Day. Or that they haven't advertised their dates yet. Contact the school directly to find out it this is the case.

I have also included some of the public schools and concertades if they have a special language project. If you think there is a school that should be included, or there are any errors, please let me know!

If you need help navigating the process of finding a school for your child in Barcelona, I offer a range of different packages to help you with this. To find out more, go to Services.

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